M 11 Studio in Auckland

The contemporary, elegant M11 Studio by Hare Interiors has taken the top prize at the 2016 Interior Awards evening. Presented by Interior magazine at an exciting industry event in Auckland on 23 June.

M11 overcomes all your expectations on what a refined salon environment should be. It was realized thanks to Young + Richards architects and interior designer Lauren Hare who chose Parachilna’s Aballs, designed by Jaime Hayón, as a part of an illumination.


This space is a luxury retail that “relies on minimalist, linear and sculptural forms”, plays with the concept of illusion with controlled palette of black, smoked and mirrored surfaces that offer translucency and transparency. Also due to play of materials, finishes and well-researched vintage pieces, the originality and tension is kept.

hare interiors.jpg

hare interior1.jpg

hare interior.jpg

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