Bespoke like it’s
supposed to be

Uchida designed pendant lamps for Enso Ango hotel in Kyoto
Sketch by Jaime Hayon for MINI project

Bespoke like it’s
supposed to be

At Parachilna we have a short, but solid history producing a range of delicately designed lamps. Always putting in the forefront our respect for design and the quality of materials and manufacturing techniques.

Parachilna Custom specialises in managing, from start to finish, tailor-made decorative lighting solutions. Starting from a design draft, developing a prototype and ending with a finished product.

Supervised by our art director, sourcing the finest materials and manufacturing processes, without missing on the technical and compliance side of the product.

Technical compliance

We can meet any technical specificities your client and market might require:

  • Home automation & dimming systems compatibility
  • Weather-proof lighting
  • Country specific certification
  • Country specific components (plugs, cabling, drivers...)


Ceramics, blown glass, marble... you name it. We know the best suppliers of the finest materials and with the best quality manufacturing.

We source & manufacture our lamps from prime European suppliers who deliver outstanding quality.

Featured Projects

At Hayon Studio we often need to develop custom furniture and lighting for interior projects. For those occasions, we carefully select our collaborators. Parachilna Custom is our go to option for decorative lighting. We trust their expertise and know they will deliver a quality product respecting the original design.

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